BTS is Brooklyn Trade Services Pty Limited, a family owned company which has been providing electrical services since 1988.

BTS is a major supplier of electrical, energy efficiency and electronic security solutions across Sydney but particularly in Northern Sydney and the New South Wales Central Coast.

The BTS range of services allows us to assist our commercial and residential customers with all of their needs where “wiring and electrical current are required” and it also allows us to take a holistic approach when considering the various options available to meet a particular need.

For instance while you may be considering solar panels to cut down your business’s energy costs our expert technicians will also be able to suggest additional strategies which will assist in maximising your savings.

To find out more about the BTS range of services please follow the appropriate links on the side bar or simply call BTS on 1300 319 419 for a discussion concerning your needs.


We provide the following guarantees to all of our customers:

  • Our quality workmanship meets or exceeds all appropriate standards, codes and regulations relevant to our trade.
  • Our staff are suitably experienced, qualified and trained to perform their work.
  • Our customer and staff safety is taken seriously and our OH&S practices reflect our commitment to safety.
  • Our industry insurances are up to date and available for inspection upon request.
  • Our fees are commensurate with the quality of our work and explained in advance of work commencing.

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